Abbotsholme Prep School (Reception - Year 6)

Abbotsholme Prep School - bringing lessons to life

Learning is brought to life in the Prep School through a practical, hands-on approach and where effort and achievement are recognized, celebrated and recorded.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and delivered in small classes by a team of dedicated staff, who are dynamic and innovative in their approach to the development of enquiring young minds. Whilst the school operates within an ethos of high expectation all work is appropriately differentiated according to individual ability and learning styles to ensure that everyone’s potential is maximized.

The children have access to the senior school’s rich and stimulating surroundings during their formative years providing wonderful opportunities for learning.


First Team Badges

First team badges have been created for Abbotsholme pupils playing in the First Teams at Abbotsholme. Congratulations to everyone who has recieved one of these beautiful badges!


The Abbotsholme Star - 25th November 2014

The Abbotsholme Star - 25th November 2014


ERA Week

Last week at school we had Era Week. We all went into reading groups with different aged children from 4-18. I was with Mrs Donnachie. We read our books for half an hour. Books are great fun to read. My favourite books are ‘A Street Cat n...


It's all about Mrs Winbow

This week Mrs Winbow has brought things in which are in important to her. She loves sparkly shoes, diamonds, champagne and perfume. She has a china teapot with matching cup and saucer. Her favourite film is Les Miserables. When she goes walking sh...


Infants ~ Letter Writing

This morning’s Literacy lesson has been the exciting task of writing a letter to Father Christmas. The children have asked him lots of questions ranging from "How long is your beard?" to "How long do you fly?"