Abbotsholme Prep School (Reception - Year 6)

Abbotsholme Prep School - bringing lessons to life

Learning is brought to life in the Prep School through a practical, hands-on approach and where effort and achievement are recognized, celebrated and recorded.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and delivered in small classes by a team of dedicated staff, who are dynamic and innovative in their approach to the development of enquiring young minds. Whilst the school operates within an ethos of high expectation all work is appropriately differentiated according to individual ability and learning styles to ensure that everyone’s potential is maximized.

The children have access to the senior school’s rich and stimulating surroundings during their formative years providing wonderful opportunities for learning.


Stars of the Week - 17 October

Mrs Winbow gave her Stars to Frank, Lucie and Hollie for counting in tens. Mrs Gould gave Taylor and Finley her Stars of the Week for their hard work in our poetry lessons. Mrs Breen gave a Star to William for his attentiveness and applica...


125 Celebrations and Fundraising Update

125 Update - 16 October 2014


Thermals & Waterproofs

This week OEd has all been about the preparation of Hikes. Mr Sellar and Miss Caunce have put lots of time into giving us this amazing opportunity. The children have all been told about the importance of Thermals and Waterproofs and what to do if...


Weaving Art Lesson

Year’s 3 and 4 have been creating their own woolly weaves in Art and are getting ready to create a large team weave after half term. Here are some of the finished pieces ~                 


The Abbotsholme Star - 14th October 2014

The Abbotsholme Star - 14th October 014