Abbotsholme Prep School (Reception - Year 6)

Abbotsholme Prep School - bringing lessons to life

Learning is brought to life in the Prep School through a practical, hands-on approach and where effort and achievement are recognized, celebrated and recorded.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and delivered in small classes by a team of dedicated staff, who are dynamic and innovative in their approach to the development of enquiring young minds. Whilst the school operates within an ethos of high expectation all work is appropriately differentiated according to individual ability and learning styles to ensure that everyone’s potential is maximized.

The children have access to the senior school’s rich and stimulating surroundings during their formative years providing wonderful opportunities for learning.


Mr Ritchie visits the Infants

The Infants today had a special visitor. Mr Ritchie from the PE Department came to read his favourite childhood book to the children. If any other members of staff would like to come and read their favourite story to them our door is always open.


Belinda spends Christmas in India building a School

Over the Christmas Holidays, Belinda Moseley represented Abbotsholme in a Round Square Project in India helping to build a primary school and additional housing for the villagers. Here is her account of her time there. I was a little worrie...


The Abbotsholme Star - 20 January 2015

The Abbotsholme Star - 20 January 2015


Infant Literacy - 15 January 2015

The Infants literacy for the next two weeks is all about Polar Bears. We are reading fact and non-fiction books. We have painted a scene of a Polar Bear in his natural habitat and in role play we have our own den.


Abbotsholme's Astroturf

2015 heralds the building of Abbotsholme's new Astroturf. You can view some large plans of the proposed site and the new carparking arrangements when you visit Abbotsholme!