Abbotsholme Prep School (Reception - Year 6)

Abbotsholme Prep School - bringing lessons to life

Learning is brought to life in the Prep School through a practical, hands-on approach and where effort and achievement are recognized, celebrated and recorded.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and delivered in small classes by a team of dedicated staff, who are dynamic and innovative in their approach to the development of enquiring young minds. Whilst the school operates within an ethos of high expectation all work is appropriately differentiated according to individual ability and learning styles to ensure that everyone’s potential is maximized.

The children have access to the senior school’s rich and stimulating surroundings during their formative years providing wonderful opportunities for learning.


Summer Gathering marks the end of the Abbotsholme Year

Summer Gathering marked the end of the Abbotsholme Year with parents, pupils, friends, families and staff enjoying the end of term. Visit our Social Media pages by clicking on the links on the home page banner to see lots more images!


Year 9 return from Camp and the thirty Miler!

All 35 Year 9 students have just finished their grueling ’30 Miler’, Abbotsholmes unique ‘Rite of Passage’. With temperatures reaching nearly 30 degree’s it makes it even more of an achievement. This year saw compul...


Awards Chapel held at Abbotsholme

The Annual End of Year Awards Chapel was held on the final day of term. Congratulations to all our winners!


Memories by the River

The Prep School are saying goodbye today, to Mrs Gould and Mrs Burton who some of the children think were at school with Cecil Reddie. We have spent so much time by the River Dove, we thought it the best place to have a story together and share...


Year 3 & 4 enjoy a Mayan Feast

This term, the Year 3 & 4 class have been studying the Ancient Mayans for their History topic. Today we had a Mayan Feast, tasting lots of exotic fruits brought in by Mrs Burton. The children researched Mayan foods and provided a long shopping...