Admissions Process

At Abbotsholme, we know that choosing a school for your child is an extremely difficult and incredibly important decision, and we understand the need for you to get this right. We know that you want your child to enjoy school, to achieve and be happy. Happy children succeed, and the right school lays the foundations for your child's future.

Abbotsholme is a day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 2-18, providing a progressive education for today’s world. We develop enquiring minds and independent thinkers through respect, honesty, humility, integrity and courage. 

Abbotsholme School looks for many things beyond academic credentials. We seek young people with enthusiasm, integrity, commitment and a concern for others as well as for their environment – in essence, those who will contribute positively to our community.

Abbotsholme has an Admissions Policy which details the full process of admission for your child, and you can read this by downloading the information here. The School operates a rolling admissions system, and pupils can join the school at any time from the Pre-Prep School to Upper Sixth.

Abbotsholme School's Admissions Team

Stacey Wall - Development Assistant

Debbie Broughton - Admissions Assistant

Application Process

Fact finding first

The first step in the Admissions process is to contact the Admissions Team on 01889 594289, or email and request our prospectus.

For families looking at Pre-Prep, please take a look at our Pre-Prep School Prospectus.

Book a visit

You have read the literature and had your questions answered by the Admissions Team. The next step is to come and see us! You can come on a day and time to suit you, or you can come on one of our many Open Days. Contact Stacey Wall on 01889 594289 or email to find our more. Your visit will include a tour specifically organised to suit your needs as well as a meeting with the Headteacher or Head of Prep School as appropriate.

Taster day

Book a taster day/trial day with the Admissions Team for a day, or a number of days, to suit you and your child's interests. Your child can have as many taster days as necessary. At this point, you will need to complete a Registration form. This should be completed and forwarded together with the £75 registration fee (£125 for International pupils).


The next step is for your child to take a Maths and English assessment for year 7+ entry. This is purely for setting purposes.

Offer of a Place

All entrants are interviewed by the Head or Head of Prep School as appropriate, which gives everyone an opportunity to ensure that Abbotsholme is the right school for each child. In addition, reports and references may be obtained from the child's present school, and previous exam results may be taken into consideration, in order to ensure that we can properly meet the needs of all children attending Abbotsholme.


We will ask you to confirm a place by signing an acceptance form, and returning it with a deposit of £500 (£1000 for overseas pupils).

Joining information

During the months of May and July before your child/ren start(s), we will send you lots of information to read, and fill in. 

Before becoming a pupil

All you need to do now is organise School Uniform and then we look forward to welcoming you into the Abbotsholme family.

If you have any queries, questions or concerns, the Marketing and Admissions Department will endeavour to answer your queries.

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