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Misunderstood by Izzie, Savannah, and Ellie

Misunderstood is a pop duo with Jeff and Steph. They came to our school, Abbotsholme, on Monday 30th January 2017 to tell us about how to stay safe online and about cyber bullying. They also showed us their musical skills and dance skills which was also very good and fun for us to see. Everyone in chapel  was amazed by their talent. When Steph and Jeff were talking about staying safe online they mentioned about never letting personal information out online where everyone can see it. They also told us a story about a girl who let out her personal information and it didn't end very well, which was very tragic. After they had told us about bullying and staying safe online they did a competition which four of our pupils took part in. The pupils that went on stage were two year 7s, one year 10 and one sixth former.They didn't know what they were getting them selves into because the next minute they were in a dance battle! It was a really good laugh but in the end one of our year 7 pupils won the battle.

5 Legs, 11 Toes Lamb by Jake

5leglamb FIN

Early this morning a sheep farmer, in Derbyshire had a ewe that gave birth to a five legged lamb called Forest, from a flock of twenty Texel Mule Crosses at the farm of Bayley's. Click here for the full report

WE HAVE A CELEBRITY? By Savannah, Ellie and Bethan

Mr Boud-Self is going to be our new Headmaster after our Easter holidays. We are looking forward to it. We caught up with him to see if we could find out anything before he takes over. Turns out we have quite a celebrity with us…

Underdogs defy expectations by Hugo


Last night Leicester defied expectations by winning 3-2 to Sevilla, even though the public thought they knew the verdict would be negative after the team’s performance, losing 2-1 against Sevilla in the first leg. Click here for Hugo's full report

Steve sacked for the second time by Lexy

Derby bosses

Steve McClaren has been sacked by Derby County for the second time within two years. The chairman at Derby County says that “Steve is a great coach, we have very talented players and first class facilities but the heartbeat, commitment, focus and passion has been lacking something fundamental”. McClaren has had many different roles within the 13 clubs he has worked in, FC Twente, Derby County, England, Middlesbrough, VFi Wolfsburg, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest and Man United.

The new manager who has been assigned at Derby County until 2018/19, is an ex-professional footballer called Gary Rowett. He was first at Burton Albion but then he left to join Birmingham City, who sacked him in December 2016.

Edible drone by Rory


British company called Wind Horse Aerospace hasapparently proposed a possible cure for world hunger, an edible drone. This drone would be made out of condensed foodstuffs. For example, it would be made out of honeycomb or condensed vegetables and its landing gear would be made out of salami because it's physically strong with good tensile strength. It would drop supplies in areas of need and then land itself into the area. The drone would be unmanned.

The drone will have a wing span of 9 feet. This drone has been publicised before but this is the first time I've heard salami mentioned especially in the landing gear. I'm not really sure what to make of it. On one hand it sounds like a good way to solve word hunger but it sounds like it might still need some work done on it.

Can you judge a school by its toilets? By Austin

Paper towels and hand dryers are the worst way of drying your hands because they make 70% more carbon emissions than the newest technology on the market. Last year 2% of all the USA land fill was paper hand towels. So the hand dryers and paper hand towels are as bad as each other on the sustainability scale. We asked 18 people if they preferred hand towels or hand dryers. Click here for the full report

Hockeyholme in Holland! By Joe B

Lexy and Joe have produced a short video about the Abbotsholme hockey tour to Holland. It includes things they did and also the skills which were taken away from the tour. All three teams had the chance to bond and form better relationships. 


Race to win by Jake

Adventure race photo

Abbotsholme School is part of an organisation called Round Square. The Round Square has six IDEALS that all stand for each letter. The IDEALS are Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Adventure racing is an outdoor event with lots of sports in it and is part of the A and L in IDEALS. Click here for the full report

Nintendo Switch Snags by Joe C


The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's new home/portable console and it was a great success, selling at least 1.5 million units in its first two weeks of release and has pleased many die-hard fans. I'm heavily enjoying my Switch and so far it's smooth sailing! But I hit a snag and so have thousands of other people. From dead pixels to the bad connectivity, here are the main concerns that we share with the Switch. You're going to want to sit down. Click here for the full report

BBC comes to Abbotsholme by Joe B

10-03-2017 104353

On Friday 10th March Mrs Sherwin, a BBC representative, from Birmingham, came in to our school to talk to us about reporting. Mrs Sherwin’s role in the BBC is to make sure that the right person for the job is employed and that the employees get paid the correct amount. Click here for the full report

Abbotsholme School - Bees by Austin & Freddie
Austin Bees modernIMG 1142 edit

 Now and then

Since 1889 Abbotsholme School has had a tradition of keeping bees which runs to this very day. The school bee keeper, Mr. Abraham, runs a Wednesday afternoon activity where students can learn how to look after bees. They also might build bee hives. When you first start bee keeping you learn about the different types of bees. You will also learn the importance of bees and that they have been around about 30,000,000 years and also that the bee population is falling and if we did not have bees the world would not be the same as it is to day. Click here for the full report

 Tri Wizard Tournament at Abbotsholme by Ben


On 2nd February the magic of Harry Potter came to Abbotsholme. Harry Potter night is a magical night that celebrates the amazing Harry Potter books (written by JK Rowling).

 The Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils (with year 10 helping) dressed up as witches and wizards. Charlie said " I loved eating chocolate, dressing up and the activities." Harry said " I liked watching the year 10 read and dress up the most."

All the children got put into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Everyone (even the teachers) got involved with the activities which were things like crosswords, anagrams and word searches. Every time a house won an activity they were awarded  points. The house that won was Gryffindor and they were awarded the Tri Wizard Cup.

At the end of this extravaganza everyone went home with magical sweets and enjoyed a special cake in the shape of a wizard's hat.

Harry Potter Night is celebrated world wide from Alaska through to Australia. Abbotsholme pupils, however, think that their very own Hogwarts style dining room hosted the best celebration.

Ash Girl - by Joe B

Abbotsholme pupils of 2017 are hosting an outstanding production of Ash Girl by Timberlake Wertenbaker. This is a darkened version of Cinderella. Ash Girl takes the role of Cinderella who gets haunted and tormented by the seven deadly sins.

It is an Abbotsholme tradition that every year the cast and crew write the title and the year of their play on the wall back stage.

Miss Smith, Head of Drama, explained the importance of drama and why she chose Ash Girl.   "Drama is important on two levels. Firstly, it is important for students of all ages to understand the culture and the context in which they have been brought up.  Studying plays, styles of theatre and watching live plays helps to broaden students' knowledge of their world in which they live. Secondly, drama is a brilliant tool in helping students to develop their personal, emotional and social skills."

Ash Girl is a more serious play than some previous Abbotsholme productions. Miss Smith wanted an exciting and creative challenge for her and the students this year.

Georgia plays the main lead of Ash Girl.  Even though she had the most lines to learn, she made it look easy.  Her tips for helping friends to learn lines are to read and re-read them, then cover them and test yourself.  Then it is a good idea to get parents or friends to help you by saying your cues so you get used to knowing when to speak.

Although the actors are important, the play could not go on without lots of other people.  Abi was Stage Manager for this production.  She wanted this job because she wanted to be involved and to develop her leadership skills.  She thought this would be a good role to make the most of her natural bossiness!  She has learned how to control the people and the area around her, though she has found it exhausting.

Ash Girls 3

The cast and crew of Ash Girl 2017

2016 BBC School Report

Abbotsholme School Farm

Tilly and Chloe are very proud to attend a school set on a working farm.  Here, they take you on a tour and introduce you to some of its stars!

Mrs Wainwright retiresMrs Wainwright Picture

Much loved teacher and Assistant Head, Mrs Wainwright, has announced her retirement from Abbotsholme after 36 years of dedicated service.  Here, Jessica pays tribute to this very special person.  Click here for the full report.


Many of our students are passionate about their video gaming.  Here, Taryn, Sam and Cameron report on the increasingly lucrative world of e –gaming.

Junior Doctors

Worried about whether you will get help if you need to go to hospital today? Wondering about the future of the NHS? Oliver has researched the current junior doctors’ strike and tells us all about it in this report.

 [AUDIO CLIP] Junior Doctors 

Zika Virus

Audio report about the Zika Virus.

[AUDIO CLIP] Click here to listen to our report.

The new synthetic pitch at Abbotsholme School

Video by Elsie and Becky who have compiled their report on the new synthetic pitch and how it has changed sport at Abbotsholme School.

iPads, E-Safety and digital leaders

Yasmin reports on the use of iPads at school and the importance  of e safety, as well as a very important scheme designed to give leadership responsibility to some students.

 Cat Videos

Recently many people have been discussing the negative and positive effects of cat videos on the human brain, so we decided to dig deeper and find out about this internet fad. It's a scientific fact that cat videos release dopamine and other 'happy' hormones into the human body but why?

Tom and I decided to do some testing and found that almost instantly we felt happier and more comfortable than we usually do. The assumption is that many cat videos release a care free attitude we usually aren't allowed to have in the real world yet when watching cat videos we find that responsibility disappears and we allow ourselves to laugh, this usually releases dopamine. I think this is because humans have a centuries long relationship with cats and dogs and when we see them do something funny we view it as a friend doing something funny.

The cats haven't only taken over the video side of the Internet they have also held google images in the palm of their hand. Many photos of cats doing dumb things with a funny caption are plastered over the Internet. This 'over use' of cats in the Internet has angered some yet pleased a lot more. A select few people have even gathered money from these cats for example the rags to riches story of "Street Cat Bob".

 Nepal Day

Abbotsholme School has been fundraising to help rebuild schools destroyed in the Nepal Earthquake last year. Students have been encouraged by two special visitors who were in Nepal at the time of the earthquake.  Click here for the full report.

Duke of Edinburgh AwardD of E 

Ailsa reports on the very special awards presented to two members of the Abbotsholme community by the royal family.   Click here for the full report.

Is it a plane?  Is it Superman?  No, it could be a new planet!Planet

 Roger has been gazing skyward and finding out more about Planet X.  Click here for the full report.

What was 122 feet long, and weighed as much as 10 African Elephants?Titanosaur

 Harrison was fascinated by the discovery of the titanosaur and wrote up his research for BBC School Report. Click here for the full report.

Countryfile Comes to School.


Students at Abbotsholme School in Staffordshire played host to the BBC when it filmed a recent programme. Here, Lucy gives an insight into how it felt from the students' perspective.  Click the image above for the full report.

SKI IMAGE (3)    SKI IMAGE (2)  
BBC News School Report - Friday 12th February 2016

We are delighted to present a bulletin by Skye and Olivia reporting on the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, featuring an exclusive interview with one of the competitors, Abbotsholme's very own Isobel Brown.


Open Day Our Video