My Experience at Abbotsholme

I never thought I would say this but I don’t want to go home. I want to stay at Abbotsholme instead. I mean, this place has taken care, welcomed, fed and educated me for the past month. I have made some very good friends that I really don&rs...


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The Mosaic of Life

Metaphors for life abound. The journey metaphor is popular, with life as a series of steps, route choices and both challenges and joys along the way. The reading of ‘Ithaka’ in our end of year service at Reddie’s Grave provides p...


Everyone is a reader....

Everyone is a reader … some just haven’t found their favourite book yet. Abbotsholme’s English department is totally committed to this belief. Obviously, we love reading and want to share that passion and privilege with our s...


So just what is Round Square?

Abbotsholme has been a member of the Round Square family since 1989. The primary reason that we joined is because the founding principles of Abbotsholme and Round Square are very closely linked. The founding principles of Round Square – the...

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