Sport at Abbotsholme

“Sport is the best tool to learn about yourself. How do you deal with pressure, are you an effective team member or gracious opponent, can you make the correct decisions quickly, are you a good leader or official? Sport gives you a springboard to gain a huge number of essential life skills that can be transferred to every day life, or used to achieve greatness and become an elite sports person”

Laura Askew – Head of PE and Sport

At Abbotsholme Sport we fully believe that there is a Sport for everybody, it is merely a case of applying ourselves to various skills sets and game situations in order to find and nurture our strengths. Our coaching staff are on hand to not only develop and strengthen skills, but instil desire and motivation to achieve and strive to be the very best we can be, while having fun along the way.

At Abbotsholme Sport we support and nurture individuals with our high staff to pupil ratio, what ever level they are representing at Sport.

Sport plays an essential role in supporting our school ethos. Sport teaches us how to respect, our peers, our opponent, our coaches and the officials. Sports teaches us humility and cheerfulness in the face of adversity, it gives us the want to do better. Sport gives us courage and integrity.

Lessons are split in to PE and Games sessions. PE lessons focus on offering a broad and balanced curriculum, while focusing on basic skills which can then be transferred to a Games situation. Games lessons are an opportunity for the school teams to train and work together, those not in the team will receive support and coaching to further advance their skills, allowing them to strive towards being in the team with time and practise, without knocking their confidence but building each individual up so that they can be placed in a competitive situation against an equal opponent and achieve success.

At Abbotsholme we have a vast range of outstanding sports facilities that cater for every Sport.

We believe in ‘Sport for all’ and ‘High Performers’. Engaging and challenging all pupils at every level, yet at the same time fostering, nurturing and developing pupils to aspire and achieve excellence in Sport. We also believe in having fun and the need to laugh. Enjoyment of Sport is crucial and essential in order to make it a long standing hobby.

Sports Tours are an essential part of our curriculum. We run a European Tour every other year for Y7-10 (Holland 2018), International Tours every four years for senior school (Sri Lanka 2020) and a ski trip.

Every pupil is unique and so is their personality. This is respected and recognised by the coaching team so that each pupil can be coached in a way which is appropriate to their learning, making the session most effective to them.

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