Breaking news – Year 6 Crime Scene


Pupils arrived at Abbotsholme to find a crime scene in their new classroom! A large piece of the chocolate cake baked to share with the class had been stolen. The crime scene is now sealed and three detective teams are currently investigating. Evidence has been gathered and photographed by the forensic team with Detectives Bread Loaf and James setting up the crime scene evidence board quickly and efficiently.

It appears that an intruder entered the room by the door, stole or ate the cake and exited via the window. Evidence suggests that the suspect was disturbed as furniture near the window was overturned. A list of suspects has been quickly established with many of the Prep School staff under scrutiny. However Detective Seys believes that other resident staff are also under investigation as one of the prime suspects may have told them about the cake. Detective Mayfield added that there may be more than one suspect and questioning will continue throughout the day.

Evidence suggests that the suspect wore a silver ear ring, had been in a muddy location before the crime and may have an interest in red lipstick and craft. They are narrowing their search to those who have a love of chocolate cake.

The detective team continue to question suspects today and are positive that the vast evidence will help them to come to a positive conclusion by the end of today.

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