Year 3&4 Camps


What adventures we had during our Camps at Whitehall. We experienced two nights in tents that we put up ourselves and completed a variety of low rope courses independently and as teams. We experienced an artificial caving system and played a variety of team activities using see-saws and tyres. On the first night we even went on a hike up to the top of one of the tall hills that overlooked our accommodation. We had a day of weaselling near to Hathersage, where we challenged ourselves by walking up the gripstone rocks and also squeezing up, through, around and down different sized crevices and holes. We also hiked on an adventure trail, learning lots of valuable information about our natural environment, finding different varieties of birds, trees and shrubs. We even had time to play games such as cricket, rugby, basketball and football on site at Whitehall. Well done to all the children!

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