Year 3 & 4 enjoy a Mayan Feast

This term, the Year 3 & 4 class have been studying the Ancient Mayans for their History topic. Today we had a Mayan Feast, tasting lots of exotic fruits brought in by Mrs Burton. The children researched Mayan foods and provided a long shopping...


The Woman in Black

There is something chilling... someone lurking in the graveyard, in the grounds of Eel Marsh House, in the nursery and out on the marshes. Hide your children, protect your dogs, run away; the woman in black has been seen. Pupils in Year 10...


The Abbotsholme Star - 30 June 2015

The Abbotsholme Star - 30 June 2015


Sportastic Summer Timetable launched today!

The Sportastic Summer timetable has been launched today. Please click here to read what's on each week!


Abbotsholme Menu wc 29 June 2015

Abbotsholme Menu wc 29 June 2015


Pre-Prep Menu wc 29 June 2015

Pre-Prep Menu wc 29 June 15


Ukranian Lunch ~ 25 June 2015

This term I really wanted my friends in Abbotsholme School to try Ukrainian food. There are no restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine so I decided to cook a meal. It was better than I expected. We had a great time cooking and I think everyone enjoyed...


Wedding Bunting!

If you go down in the Dingle today, you will see a beautiful bride. Helly and Paul, two of our OEd teachers are getting married in the summer. The Infants have made wedding bunting and wish them a lovely day.


Abbotsholme wins 1st, 2nd and 4th place on Day 1 of the Cheshire Show!

We got off to a hectic start but the pupils did a fantastic job of bathing the cattle on Monday afternoon and packed up the car with what looked like enough things to keep us going for a fortnight and made it safely to the show and we were all s...


A Big Well Done!

Mrs Gould and Mrs Winbow would like to say well done to all the children in the Prep School for all of their hard work in the school play yesterday.