The Twits

The Prep School production of 'The Twits' was a great success with confident and energetic performances from pupils right across the school. It was fabulous to see the progression in performing arts skills which reflect the hard work of pupils und...


Public Speaking Competition

Year 9 students have been taught in house groups this term in English, working towards the inaugural inter-house public speaking competition. They have studied famous speeches from history and literature, and have learned how to write persuasive t...


Peak Wildlife Park

The Butterflies and Reception class had the most wonderful day at Peak Wildlife Park. The children watched the penguins and lemurs at feeding time, saw the Kune Kune pigs sit on command, admired the Sika deer basking in the shade, watched the gian...


Abbotsholme Strategic Plan & 2020 Vision

Following the recent announcement that Abbotsholme School will join The MIST Group of Schools we are pleased to share our vision for the future. Abbotsholme Vision Abbotsholme & MIST FAQs Abbotsholme School has unveiled exciting new p...


Prep Trip to Carsington Water

On a gloriously sunny day, we visited Carsington Water for our Prep weekend trip. Children aged from 4 to 12 joined in a short walk around part of the reservoir, taking in all the beautiful scenery. After a quiet, shady picnic we then visited the...


Pizza Making in Year 3

During our food technology lesson we made our very own pizza dough and selected a variety of toppings to go on. We measured out the ingredients using scales, washed and cut our own vegetables, kneaded out our own dough and decorated the pizzas. We...


Year 9 Adventure Weekend

A wet, wild and windy forecast meant that the weekend plans had to be changed, but we still managed to have an adventure. Saturday was spent battling our way up the Geirionydd Gorge, climbing waterfalls, sliding down slabs, sitting behind waterfal...


Year 3 & 4 Mock Elections

On Thursday, Year 3 & 4 had LRC lessons on the General Election. They learnt all about the different party leaders and their manifestos. They also learned about how to vote in a polling station and how to do this. During chapel, they listened...


Year 3 & 4 at the Farm

Farmer Tom invited us to the farm to see the sheep being sheared. He explained how the sheep were given a health check and were immobilised by keeping their head and body between the farmer’s legs to prevent it moving. They shear the sheep a...


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ISI inspection report

ISI inspection report

Abbotsholme School provides a richly diverse and distinctive educational experience in which individual pupils are well-known, very well cared for and enabled to flourish both personally and academically.

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