A Weekend of Mysteries


This weekend the theme was mysteries. At supper on Friday the boarders where given a set of mystery riddles to try and figure out with the promise of a prize for one lucky student who could solve all the riddles before brunch the next day. The boarders where also warned to keep an eye open for any suspicious activity. After dinner many of the boarders headed down to school sports hall and fitness suite for a work out session. The girls from Flaxfield had a great time in the fitness suite on the running machines and exercise bikes, some of them also learnt how to do some light weight lifting. After all this working out it was time for some chill time back in house.

On Saturday all the boarders made the most of some free time to get on with assignments, with Mrs Sweet offering some extra support to those who needed it in Cederholme. On Saturday afternoon many of the boarders made the most of the opportunity to go shopping in Uttoxeter and a few of the older boarders headed for Derby. On Saturday night after supper the mystery theme continued with a showing of Sherlock Holmes in the theatre complete with popcorn kindly provided by Mrs Sweet.

Sunday morning provided the boarders with another chance to complete any assignments or to sleep in. After a delicious Sunday Brunch the boarders all gathered in the Chapel to discover that Mr Simpson had been murdered and that all the boarding staff where suspects. Working in small mixed teams the boarders had to consider the evidence they had been given and interview each of the suspects to work out who had killed Mr Simpson. After some careful investigation work, two of the groups worked out that Mr Folker was the murderer spotting that the hat he had been wearing all weekend was in the crime scene photo lying next to Mr Simpsons body.

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