Public Speaking Competition


Year 9 students have been taught in house groups this term in English, working towards the inaugural inter-house public speaking competition. They have studied famous speeches from history and literature, and have learned how to write persuasive texts.

On Thursday in chapel, each house put forward two representatives to speak in front of the whole school. Caolan and Lucy spoke for Dove on exams and birthday parties; Tilly and Elsie spoke for Needwood on the value non-academic achievement and of travel; Connor and Rowan spoke for Weaver on the pointlessness of public speaking and on fidget spinners. 

The talks were delivered clearly and with flair and there were moments of inspiration and hilarity. The rest of the school behaved impeccably as a considerate audience and showed their appreciation enthusiastically.

The competition was judged by Mr Palmer, Mrs Brown and Mr Diamond, all of whom have championed public speaking and debating at school this year. They were very complimentary of all of the speakers and speeches, feeling that each of them had outstanding qualities. It was a very difficult decision, but they announced Needwood the winners.

The English department is very proud of the way Year 9 has embraced this unit of work and of the way in which the students have supported each other so well. They have all done themselves great credit.  Mr Diamond and Mrs Brown are very excited about Abbotsholme’s prospects in future debating competitions.

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