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The Grass is not always Greener


A story by Year 12 pupil Rachel Hames for Year 11 pupils to read and consider:

The Grass is not always Greener!

When I moved into Year 11, I was excited about having only one year to go and moving on to do a College Diploma. I never considered staying on to Sixth Form at Abbotsholme.

I left Year 11 in the Summer and I got everything I needed, new books and pens and bedding for Riseholme. It got closer to the time to go and I suddenly thought what if I don’t like it. I thought don’t be silly it will be fine. It came to the time, the Sunday I was going, and I started to get to know people, and I had my room allocated to me.

I really was excited about meeting new people and being in a new environment. However when my parents left, and although I knew one person there, it just did not feel right. They were not generally the type of people that I would make friends with. I tried to stick with it and we all went on a trip near Scarborough as a bonding opportunity, but at this point, everyone had made groups and although I did have two friends I had made, it just did not feel like I fitted in very well.

 The next day, when the course started, that was really good and there were some really friendly people, so I felt positive, but the whole environment – people, learning, the place - did not feel right. It was such a long way from home – if it had been closer and I was there during the day only – it might have worked. But it didn’t. I had done a week and it just was not right.

I started to look elsewhere and found one closer to home called Brooksby Melton Mowbray College. I was there for three weeks. The problem was that the course I wanted to do was full, so I had to move courses and it was not what I wanted. Most of the course was stuff I had already learnt at Abbotsholme in ELBS. The girls were 17-18 and only there because they had to be in education and they were not bothered. This was not what I wanted because I wanted to learn.

So I am back and I am really glad to be back. Some people have asked “why are you back?”– but as I said to them, there is no law in returning! Lots of people have commented on how brave I have been to come back because it is hard to go back and say I was wrong and that this was the right place all along. It would have been worse not coming back and being stubborn and sticking it out and being unhappy, that would not have solved anything.I talked to mum and told her my concerns and I said, “It’s not worth it if I am unhappy.” She agreed and said, “what about Abbotsholme?” “You could go back and do a Btech in Agriculture and it would give you chance to retake Maths and English.”

Generally no one has really said anything, mostly people have been surprised.

I think a lot of kids at Abbotsholme really do not know how lucky they are and how different other schools are and what a great environment we have here. I know I didn’t. When you experience other  places for real, you certainly do get an experience, and for me it was not positive!

I thought I could go away and try new things and new experiences. College was more focused and that’s what excited me. The reality was very different from  what I thought. The grass definitely is not always greener!

Rachel Hames, Year 12

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