Maths at Abbotsholme

Mathematics in Action


On Tuesday 8 November the Year 10 top Maths set went to the university of Salford, Manchester for a ‘Mathematics in Action’ day. 

We watched and got involved in a series of lectures from pleasingly non-stereotypical mathematicians and scientists. There was no tweed, cord or wild Einstein hair to be seen, but the speakers were young, chatty and mostly talking about interesting subjects.

We heard about how maths is used to help find murderers, geographic profiling (Finding Jack the Ripper & artist Banksy were demonstrated) and prevention the spread of diseases like Cholera and Malaria. We saw many different varieties of juggling and looked into all the patterns behind it. We saw strings of metal beads rise up and out of a pot by themselves before falling to the ground (self siphoning) and the Maths analysis that went into this ‘Mould effect!’ We saw 3D shapes that had constant width but weren’t spheres, and we debated where maths came from and why some puzzles were still unsolved.

A fascinating day out, and a brief glimpse of some university life as well.

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