Maths at Abbotsholme

Maths at the Races


Two top racing industry professionals working with the charity “BHEST British Horseracing Education & Standards Trust”  hosted all the Year 8’s on a fantastic trip to Uttoxeter Races on Thursday 5 May. Carrie was an ex Jockey amongst many other jobs in the industry and Jo has been involved with training and riding elite racehorses all her life with the family businesses.

They split us into two groups and showed us round behind the scenes, explaining the whole process and tying it all in with Maths, from estimating our own weights at the jockey weighing room, to understanding the distances involved in racing, and measuring distances in the parade & warm up ground. Students looked at and discussed and weighed the clothing and equipment worn by jockeys, and then got to wear racing silks for the day! They were Health and Safety Officers calculating the space and distances needed for horses whilst parading and then racing, then they went on to the race track and studied and measured the hurdle and steeplechase jumps.

Much discussion was had on the variety of jobs that are needed and careers that could be done in the industry from Grounds Maintenance to Valets to Marketing to HR Managers to Trainers to Jockeys. They then had their own mini race to the finish line in front of the gathering crowds which was very entertaining. Well done Tilly! After lunch the racecourse opened to the public and actual racing started. Carrie and Jo explained how it all worked (although they couldn’t endorse gambling so didn’t explain anything to do with the betting or the traders, we’ll look at that with probabilities sometime soon) and the students excitedly got to watch the super fit, fast athletic horses and their tiny jockeys racing over the birch stick padded hurdles that we had studied. One jockey was unseated on one of the hurdles, and the horse decided an alternative steeplechase self event which entertained the crowds, and our students got very excited when they’d picked the winners. Overall a great day seeing maths applied and used every day in the real world, and all the careers options available in the industry.

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