Head of Department: Mrs Zoe Kenealy

Exam Boards: A Level: Edexcel, IGCSE: Edexcel, GCSE 9-1: Edexcel

Mathematics is studied by everyone in Years 7 to 11. Our general departmental aim is to encourage a fondness for mathematics, along with ability, when mathematics is defined as follows:
• Mind training: It teaches you to think, to filter out irrelevant information, and to concentrate on the key components of the problem in hand, tackling it in the most efficient way possible.
• Powerful: Giving an understanding beyond the mathematics itself.
• Fun: In tackling tricky problems and finding ways around them, both as an individual and as a combined effort with others.
• Communicative: It has great importance in the analysis and communication of ideas in all walks of life. Indeed, it could be said that it is the only global language.
• Inter-related: It is about relationships. As one proceeds further in mathematics, part of the joy is in finding these links between seemingly unconnected topics.
• Desirable: Mathematicians are in demand, because employers realise that they have a number of abilities besides specific mathematical knowledge and understanding.
The department wants to encourage the generally recognised skills mathematicians have, and give students every opportunity to practice these skills:
The basics:
• Pupils are set on the basis of various assessments and setting is regularly reviewed throughout the academic year to ensure pupil success.
• We follow the Edexcel IGCSE syllabus, which we believe offers a rich mathematical education. Top set students in Year 11 will also be able to take the GCSE 9-1 exam in order to improve preparation for the new A level content.
• The top set in Year 11 are given the opportunity to follow a pre A level course such as the OCR FMSQ in Additional Mathematics, to offer a stepping stone to A level.
• At A level the EDEXCEL syllabus is used.
• Throughout the school the pupils are set according to ability, and the lower sets are kept small so that pupils can get individual support.
• Staff are very well qualified. There is a wide range of experience within the department which pupils can draw on both in lessons, and at the weekly mathematics workshops where they can seek one-to-one help.
• We attend the UKMT (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust) team challenge for teams of Year 8 and Year 9 students every year.
• We enter a team in the Senior UKMT team challenge each year.
• The annual Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenges are entered by students from Year 7 to Year 13.

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