Maths at Abbotsholme

Senior Maths Team Challenge


On Monday 28 November, four pupils attended the Senior Team Maths Challenge. Competing against 15 other schools, the competition involved three 40 minute rounds. 

Round 1 consisted of 10 questions. Is that all? The team had to decide whether to tackle them together, in pairs or separately. Any answers had to be confirmed by the team before adding to the answer sheet. The marking was severe - only the correct answer was accepted, no marks were given for the working. 

Round 2 was a cross-number. Similar to a crossword, a single digit is entered in each square. Easy? The problem facing the team was that one pair was given the "across" clues while the other had the "down" clues. Most clues depended on an answer before the calculation could be attempted. Digits could be entered singly and would be corrected individually.

Round 3 was a relay race. Pairs were given two questions to complete, but one answer was needed for the next question each time. Bonus marks were awarded for completing all correctly within time.

For many school, this represents the pinnacle of Maths within the school, and selection and training happens throughout the term. For our pupils, enjoyment was paramount to realise that there is more to life than passing exams and a great deal of fun can be had with challenging Maths problems. Whilst not winning, and thereby proceeding to the national final, the Abbotsholme team of Enya Collier, Joe Knott, Jessy Peng and Alice Wood acquitted itself very well and received plaudits from the other staff present for their tenacity and sense of enjoyment.

Mr Gordon Selwyn

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