OA hockey (1)

The picture taken above is from the recent OA v Abbotsholme 1st X1 hockey match on the day Abbotsholme formally opened the new Synthetic Pitch.

Old Abbotsholmians (OAs)

As a member, and from the time you leave Abbotsholme, you will receive regular mailings from The Abbotsholmians’ Club, which give contact addresses and details of the adventures of OA’s, young and old. There are also regular invitations to events, usually held at Abbotsholme, to help you keep in touch with each other and with current developments at the school. An enormous amount of networking takes place between OA’s, often facilitated by the Club, ensuring that friendships are sustained and memories are relived.

Club and school work closely together; indeed according to the constitution, the Governing Body of the School must contain a certain number of Life Members of the Club. Abbotsholme welcomes the opportunity to call upon OA’s from time to time for help with careers advice, choosing Universities and informed lectures.

We operate a small Bursary fund specifically aimed at helping to educate sons and daughters of OA’s at Abbotsholme.

The Club has some 2000 members to date and is run by a Committee of OA’s who are elected yearly. We would be delighted to hear from you, whether you have recently left Abbotsholme or whether you have been experiencing the wider world for a number of years.

Associate Membership is offered to those who particularly wish to support the School and keep in touch with Old Abbotsholmians. Details are available from the OA Committee.

Life Membership is normally offered to all those who have received part of their education at Abbotsholme. At present a single, ‘one-off’ payment of £100 for Life Membership is required.

Committee Members
President Derek Sederman ex-staff
Chairman Derrick Cantrell 1976
Treasurer Nick Cassidy 1972
Secretary Eva Moncaster 1993
Dove/Year Book Editor  Jenny Richardson ex-staff
  Linda Burton (Nee Harris) 1973
  Chris Butler 1977
  Chris Hall 1977
  Hubertus Haniel 1994
  Matthew Howson 2006
  Clementine Jones 1990
  Ruth Ovstrovskis (nee Wilkes) 1980
  Ian Slade 2002

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