AMQ Challenge at Abbotsholme

 AMQ (2) 

Andrew McQueen was a former prefect and recipient of the Paul Gill Trophy. A popular and positive pupil, he was a true Abbotsholmian and participated to the very best of his ability in school life. He was tragically killed whilst out in South Africa working for Unilever, a job which he described as the 'best job in the world.'

In tribute to Andy McQueen, Abbotsholme has created a challenge unique to the School, and specifically for Year 10 and 11 pupils. We recognise that pupils in these Year groups focus on academic study as a priority, and the School wanted to create a challenge for Year 10 and 11 pupils to ensure they continue to receive a balanced education. The Andrew McQueen (AMQ) Challenge was born. 

The AMQ Challenge emulates Andy as an all round pupil. Year 10 and 11 pupils have two years to complete ten elements. If all ten are completed, a medal is awarded.  Pupils will need to demonstrate the strong mental and physical characteristics engendered by an Abbotsholme education.

Pupils will need to draw from the extensive co-curricular programme available at the school. Individual certificates are given for each element and include the following areas:

  • The DW Race, Adventure Race or Four OEd Events
  • Completion of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Service to the School or Mentoring of a Younger pupil
  • Representation on a School Team
  • Participation in the Arts, a Production or Concert
  • Participation in a Round Square Event, or Committee Member
  • Completion of the Power of One
  • Completion of Estate Work with Young Farmers, Equestrian or the Farm Environment
  • Completion of a Presentation to an Audience
  • Completion of the Head's Challenge

This unique challenge will testify to any college, university or employer that the holder is one of the remarkable young men and women who form the bedrock of our school.

Currently only one pupil has received this award - Joanna Walker, OA'14.

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