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Boarding is a way of life at Abbotsholme boarding school, where pupils live and share as part of a community and develop friendships that last a lifetime. Our boarders learn independence, time-management skills and responsibility and, with guidance and support from houseparents, they learn how to balance academic work with social time.

I am Henry, I am 14 years old and I am a Flexi boarder in Cederholme, Abbotsholme School. Boarding is awesome, I love it, it is organised yet not overstrict. if I was able to board more I would. The timetable is brilliant, you come back from school and have half an hour to rest and relax then you do revising or homework. It is good at that time because you have had a rest, so you are relaxed but you can easily do homework because you can remember easier and your brain has been refreshed. After assignments, we have about 15 minutes to get changed and relax before supper. After supper, we can do anything we want. The boarding house parents help set up activities after school like swimming and football and on Wednesday's we have a special movie and pizza night, which is brilliant.

We now accept flexi and weekly boarding pupils from Year 4, and from Year 3 if with an older sibling. However we are unable to accomodate these age groups over the weekend. 

In response to the challenges of increasingly busy family lives, Abbotsholme boarding school provides a flexible and caring second home. Pupils are able to board in a number of different ways, from flexi boarding once or twice per week to weekly boarding four or five nights per week to full boarding seven nights per week during term time. Today, more than 45% of our pupils are  boarding and this is on the increase. Day pupils also benefit from a flexible end to the day, which allows them to take advantage of the academic and recreational facilities that are open during the evening and join in with the numerous activities and events taking place. In fact we are finding that more and more of our day pupils are keen to start boarding so that they don’t miss out!

My name is Jo. Have been full boarding for two years,and it has been the best experience ever. I joined in year six so boarding at that age made me feel worried and shy. However after two or three days of boarding you soon become aware of the routines and your ability to step out of your comfort zone. I am a full boarder this means that I board weekends as well as week days. The weekends are jam packed with fun and sometimes just the chance to relax. Just because I'm a full boarder I am still allowed to go home on weekends. Boarding in the evenings is so much fun because you have that chance to grow a bond with other students and the amount of activities on are incredible. I am proud to board and I'm happy I made the right decision because if not I would have regretted it.

Our existing boarding school portfolio provides small, comfortable and happy homes for junior boys, junior girls, senior boys and senior girls. The houses are happy, comfortable places, each taking on the characteristics of their inhabitants. Younger pupils will usually share bedrooms in threes and fours whilst older pupils have single or shared study-bedrooms. Day pupils also enjoy the use of on-site studies.

Such has been our recent success that demand for boarding places at Abbotsholme is now outstripping supply. As a result we have added a dedicated sixth form boarding sacool accommodation by way a log cabin complex. The concept of log cabins fits perfectly with Abbotsholme’s ethos, reflecting a long held belief and enduring commitment to the sustainability of and harmony with the natural environment. Built in a peaceful setting within the school grounds, yet only a stone’s throw from the school’s central facilities, the self-contained, purpose-built cabins provide a wonderful opportunity for Abbotsholme’s sixth form students to experience a greater degree of independence and privacy. There is, of course, a resident member of staff on hand but our belief is that this development will play a significant part in preparing our young people not only for university but, more significantly, for life itself. They have independence and responsibility whilst remaining under the same caring pastoral umbrella enjoyed by all who live and work in the Abbotsholme community. 

For new boarders, click here to find out what to bring when you are boarding at Abbotsholme.


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Pastoral Care

Abbotsholme is a small, friendly school. With its beautiful surroundings, it is a wonderful place in which to learn and develop, where each person’s contribution is properly valued.

We are especially proud of being a community where staff and pupils know each other well and where every individual, whether boarder, day pupil, or member of staff, shares equal responsibility for the community’s well being and progress.

All members of staff are recruited in the knowledge that they are fully committed to our philosophy of developing the whole person and can add value to the school. This means that we are blessed not only with a rich mix of experience and youth but also an enormous amount of talent and enthusiasm.

Abbotsholme places great emphasis on the network of support available for pupils whether day or boarding. Each pupil has an individual tutor who will closely monitor academic and social progress and who liaises regularly with parents. Designated members of staff provide comprehensive university and careers advice and the Health Centre, run by qualified nurses, provides both medical support and counselling.

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