Business Studies at Abbotsholme


Why study GCSE Business Studies?

Knowledge of how and why businesses operate will be of great relevance to all young people, as they finish their education and enter the world of work. Businesses are part of our everyday lives, providing us with the products we need, communicating relentlessly with us through advertising, providing employment and inventing new products and services that transform how we live.  Everything in life involves Business. Think about that new top you bought last week and then think of what businesses made it possible for you to be wearing it right now? The obvious ones are the shop and the manufacturing plant but what about the cotton growers? The label makers? The delivery companyHealth & Safety? Even the companies that manage the finances of all those businesses. Thinking about all those processes and people allows you begin to understand about what Business Studies is all about.

Business is a major part of everyone’s life, and anybody who has a good idea about how businesses work is at an immediate advantage in the future.

Why study A Level Business Studies? 

Knowledge of the workings of business is important to everyone. As consumers, we depend on business to provide us with the things we want, from mobile phones to loaves of bread. Many people derive their livelihoods from businesses, as owners, employees or managers. Everyone is affected by the activities of businesses in their impact on society, the environment and the economy. Certain business people achieve a degree of fame or notoriety, from Alan Sugar to Richard Branson. For these reasons, the study of business can be seen as important in preparing young people to be effective workers, informed citizens and sophisticated and critical consumers.  Business Studies probably won’t make you a millionaire by the time you are 21, but it will provide you with a useful insight into the business world, how businesses operate, and why they do what they do. 

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