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The emphasis within the catering team is to ensure that our menus are tasty, healthy and provide nutritional value.  As much food as possible is home made and we strive to retain a family feeling within the school.  Local suppliers (sometime even our own farm) are preferred. 

Life at Abbotsholme is active and demanding so it is important that our students eat healthily for a steady drip-feed of energy and nutritional balance  throughout the day. Healthy eating habits established now will bring long-term rewards, so we work on the 80/20 rule: 80% of good, fresh food and a maximum of 20% of treats.

A comprehensive choice is available at breakfast, lunch and supper times (please see our weekly published menu) with other ‘fueling’ breaks during mid morning and mid afternoon.  The School actively engages with its students and health advisor on establishing the right meal balance for its students with the School Catering Forum and Testing Panels a regular part of the School life.   Pupils are encouraged to contribute and interact with the School’s own Catering Team so as to ensure that the Catering Department continues to exceed expectations with its balanced offer of fresh, local foods cooked and served well.  

We understand that many children suffer from allergies to certain food groups and we seek to accommodate these where ever possible.  If you have any concerns over allergies or the content of our menus then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Racheal Lancett, Catering Manager

Abbotsholme's Allergen Sheet for Parents and Pupils


Abbotsholme Menus wc 16 October 2017

Abbotsholme Menu wc 16 October 17 Prep Menu wc 16 October 17 Pre Prep Menu wc 16 October 17


Abbotsholme Menus wc 9 October 2017

Abbotsholme Menu wc 9 October 17 Prep Menu wc 9 October 17 Pre Prep Menu wc 9 October 17


Abbotsholme Menus wc 2 October 17

Abbotsholme Menu wc 2 October 17 Prep Menu wc 2 October 17 Pre Prep Menu wc 2 October 17


Abbotsholme Menus wc 25 September 2017

Abbotsholme Menu wc 25 Sep 17 Prep Menu wc 25 September 17 Pre-Prep Menu wc 25 September


Abbotsholme Menu wc 11 September 17

Abbotsholme Menu wc 11 Sep 17 Prep Menu wc 11 Sep 17 Pre-Prep Menu wc 11 Sep 17

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