Design & Technology at Abbotsholme

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Design and Technology allows pupils to explore their design thinking into realisation of a product. This is done through focussed lessons delivered by qualified and passionate teachers. All students are encouraged to generate their own design thought which enables them to further their academic ability but also develop their practical capabilities. All lessons are taught in purpose designed classrooms that are equipped to meet the demands of a modern and diverse curriculum.

Key Stage Three (Years 7, 8 and 9)

All pupils will experience the disciplines of food technology and product design. They will complete a number of different activities with the focus being ‘hands on’. A large element of the teaching is through practical tasks with a product that can be taken home. By the end of Year 9 all pupils will have the ability to use the tools and equipment of the workshop. They will also be able to prepare and cook a number of different recipes within the kitchen. This will prepare the pupils for the GCSE syllabus in Year 10 and 11.

Key Stage Four (Years 10 and 11: GCSE)

GCSE Resistant Materials technology (RMT) covers a wide range of activities based on designing and making products that are manufactured using materials such as wood, metal and plastics in many forms. As well as learning hand skills, you will use a range of industrials processes to shape and form materials into functioning products. Over the course of two years you will develop a whole range of creative designing and making skills, technical knowledge and understanding relating to RMT and invaluable transferable skills such as problem solving and time management.

GCSE Food Technology is a starting point for many career options and is a good foundation for further education courses concerned with nutrition and diet, food safety, quality control, product development, food science and catering. The course is designed to provide opportunities for investigation, designing, making and evaluation, which focus on the use of food as a material. Students will acquire knowledge of the complex nature of food as a material, its various properties, the effects of processing and the appropriate selection of equipment. The course also involves the teaching of a range of skills and processes which are related to industrial practice wherever possible. Students will consider the effect of the designer on society and the impact of commercial foods and materials. In addition, students are taught the importance of food safety and are entered for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering. This qualification enables them to apply for part time jobs in catering or in the food industry, and is a nationally recognised award.

Sixth Form

A Level Product Design is a course that allows students who have studied Design and Technology either at resistant materials or food technology to continue with their learning. The learning will take place through the completion of four units, two in Year 12 and two in Year 13. Each year there will be an assessed piece of coursework and a written examination. The examination for year 12 is a practical examination that allows the students to show their knowledge and ability through the design and manufacture of a concept model for a product. This course is designed for the student who learns through the use of hands on practical tasks but also who wishes to develop a career in one of the following:

Product Design, Engineering (automotive, agricultural, aerospace, mechanical, construction etc). Food Technologist, Chef, Catering, Architecture.

If the student does not wish to pursue a career in one of the above professions then the skills that are learnt will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Design & Technology at Abbotsholme

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