Summer Gathering 2016: Farewell to DHW and Year 13


The Abbotsholme School year has finished for another year, and Parents and OAs were treated to a wonderful weekend of events and activities which the rain tried its hardest to dampen but spirits as usual at Abbotsholme rallied!

Thursday 7th July started the weekend off with the Year 13 Valedictory dinner. We were treated to Year 13s in chapel next day still in their finest as the key awards were given to Oliver Rhodes who received the Josh Wiliams Award, and Ben Collier who recieved the Paul Gill Trophy. Prefects and the Heads of School were also named and congratulations must go to Rachel Ekstein and Rose Griffiths who recieved their Head ogf School awards during Speech Day.

The start of Summer Gathering officially began at 4.00pm with the sound of the bell and the flag being raised by Tara Witcomb. 

That evening we enjoyed an amazing concert with a wide variety of music genre, and a tribute at the end to Mrs Wainwright by the Paul Jones band!

The weekend began on Saturday with Speeches in the Marquee and Florence and Gregory gave two fantastic speeches documenting their time and feelings about Abbotsholme. Mrs Wainwright was given a momento from staff, pupils and parents for her 36 years at Abbotsholme and she finished proceedings with a resounding Glad Day, Love and Duty. 

During the speeches we enjoyed the guest speaker's - OA Jimmy De Ville - speech. Jimmy, extreme engineer and adventurer, spoke very fondly of Mrs Wainwright's support for his dyslexia within the Learning Skills Department, and how Abbotsholme had helped to shape him.

He directed much of his speech to our leavers and especially our Year 13 pupils, and spoke of some key things to remember: never give up, have compassion, and that life is not a dress rehearsal. 

Following speeches, and after an afternoon of sport on television as the Sports Afternoon was unable to proceed due to the rain, the usual activities of the Roseyard plays and Barndance were enjoyed. 

This year, we invited supporters and donors of the 125 appeal to a special reception and tour of the synthetic pitch. We welcomed a number of OAs to this special event and all enjoyed the event, lunch and tour immensely. 

The weekend concluded with the very emotional Founder's Memorial Service at Reddies Grave on Sunday. A parent of a leaver posted on facebook the following tribute, 'Sad Day, Love and Duty!'

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