Our all-inclusive Fees

Fee Information for 2017/2018

We are firmly committed to providing our pupils with a rich and rounded experience. In doing so, we endeavour to operate an inclusive fee structure. Effectively this means that the more your child participates, the greater value they will get from their time at Abbotsholme.

 Prep School   per term per annum      
Reception Day Pupil
Years 1-2 Day Pupil
Years 3-6 Day Pupil
  Weekly Boarder#
  Full Boarder#

 * This is for a full time place in Abbotsholme's Reception class. We now accept Early Years Funding (EYF) / Nursery Education Funding for pupils from age from three to five which can reduce this fee. Currently 570 hours per year can be funded by EYF.

# We now accept flexi and weekly boarding pupils from Year 4, and from Year 3 if with an older sibling. However we are unable to accomodate these age groups over the weekend. 

Senior School   per term per annum
Years 7-9 Day Pupil
  Weekly Boarder
  Full Boarder
Years 10-11 Day Pupil
  Weekly Boarder
  Full Boarder
Sixth Form   per term per annum
Years 12-13 Day Pupil
  Weekly Boarder
  Full Boarder
Forces Fees

Abbotsholme School recognises the outstanding and vital contribution that our armed forces make. We understand that for children, parents who are continually on the move every two years has a major impact on their schooling, and therefore offer a 20% bursary to all forces families.

Sibling discount

A sibling discount is available at Abbotsholme. For the second child, 5% is deducted from the second child's fee, and for the third child 10% is deducted from the third child's fee.

Fee charges for pupils staying for one or two terms only

Our fees our based on annual fees broken down into three equal amounts for each term in the academic year for ease of payment. However the terms are all of a different length with the Autumn term generally being longer than the Spring and Summer terms. Therefore pupils staying for one term only throughout the academic year will be charged a fee that is representative of the number of weeks within that term. Pupils staying for two terms or a year only will be charged the normal termly fees.

Registration Fee: UK pupil - £75 (Non-refundable)    International pupil - £125 (Non-refundable)

Deposits: UK & Ireland £500 (Refundable at end of pupil’s school career) European Union £1,000 (Refundable at the end of a pupil’s school career) Non EU Pupils have to pay a terms fees plus £1000 as a deposit (The terms fees will cover the final term that a pupil is due to leave Abbotsholme)

  • Text books
  • Laundry (Boarders only)
  • Entertainments and After School Activities
  • Lunch for day pupils including mid-morning snack
  • Exam fees (Re-sits chargeable)
  • Compulsory term time visits/trips
  • Membership of Abbotsholme Parents Association
  • Membership of The Abbotsholmians' Club (Sixth Form only)
  • Personal Accident Insurance (All pupils)
  • Personal Effects Insurance (All pupils)
  • Futurewise Careers Test (Year 11 pupils)

Payment of School Fees:

  • Fees are payable in advance, or on the first day of term. Late payment and administration charges will be raised and the Governors reserve the right to request the withdrawal of a pupil should fees remain unpaid. 
  • Monthly payment by Direct Debit is available through the School Fee Plan (SFP) company. Details can be obtained from the School Finance Manager.
  • Advance Fee Payment Discount Scheme: parents or fee payer can pay annual fees one year in advance at a discounted rate of 3%. Details can be obtained from the School Finance Manager.

Withdrawal/Notice A full term's notice in writing (or a term's fees in lieu) must be given in writing by parents or guardians before a pupil is withdrawn. This notice in writing should be received by the Headmaster, on or before the first day of term.

Boarding Abbotsholme welcomes current pupils into the boarding community at anytime of the year if parents decide that their child would benefit from boarding 1 or 2 nights a week or become a weekly or full boarder, if we have the space. If a current full boarder wishes to become a weekly or flexi boarder or day pupil and a current weekly or flexi boader decides being a day pupil is best, the School needs a terms notice in writing or the relevant fees will be charged.

Optional Extras Please note that a full term's notice is required in writing to discontinue any optional extras.

Music Lessons/Hire of Instruments charged per term (invoiced in arrears)
Specialist Sport Tuition/Riding Lessons (ex curricula) charged per term (invoiced in arrears)
School Transport charged per term (invoiced in arrears)

Flexible Boarding

Occasional Boarding

Flexible and occasional boarding are dependent upon availability of places

charged per term up to £38 per night (in arrears)

Overseas Trips charged on an individual basis
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