Film at Abbotsholme

Film Studies - 8 Dec 12
Film Studies in Sixth Form

Film is an Art we encounter on a daily basis in wide range of situations and environments, including the social (in the sense of seeing a film at the cinema or as part of an individual’s social networking webpage) and private (watching a DVD in the home or making a home video). It has become one of the primary means of communication in our technological age, where almost everyone in the world can film their lives and share their experiences with one another via the internet and as such it has its own language that all of us share an understanding of, regardless of our country of origin.

Film Studies at Abbotsholme encourages the pupil to develop their awareness and understanding of the importance of film beyond even these broad parameters, and the primary focus of the course is the idea of film language.

Year 12: Pupils will explore the workings of the film industry by tracking a film from development to exhibition; looking at the advertising campaign, merchandising, the use of film stars and the internet as part of a process intended to create audience awareness. They will also learn to analyse a film in terms of cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing and sound by writing an essay and then apply their learning to a film-making project. A pupils study will culminate in an exam which will test their knowledge of the film industry, a number of British Horror films and put their analytical skills to the test in a comparative essay analysing the similarities and differences of two US produced films.

Year 13: Pupils choose an area of the film industry that interests them and develop a research project that explores this area in depth, culminating in a presentation to their peers. A second film making project will be developed but this time pupils are able to create a longer piece, further demonstrating their understanding of this Art. The final exam will allow them to demonstrate their knowledge of European Surrealist film-making, Experimental film-making and a close study of a single US produced film.

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