History at Abbotsholme

Richard III and a bit of Tudor Irony


The first part of the trip was to visit Richard IIIs burial site and exhibition, based in the car park in which he was found. Yet finding a parking place for two minibuses proved somewhat difficult. So off to Bosworth Battlefield we went. Some quick negotiation meant we were able to visit the exhibition there.

But first, the tour of the Battlefield. Mr Herbert brought the battlefield alive. Several photos were posed for on the tour. Look carefully and you may see one of Henry VIII and his wives, look at the picture to remind you of the rhyme.  Look also at the modern representation of Henry VII’s marriage to Elizabeth of York, he’d just killed her uncle and nicked his crown.

The sing-along in Mr Wilson’s bus on the way back brought a lively and tuneful end to a great day out with Year 8.

Oh I forgot, how could a trip to an actual battlefield be complete without some attempt at re enactment. Swords were duly issued. Sides were picked, risk assessments were made. Shouting, screaming and running around commenced and yes Richard III (Sam Sread) was hunted down and dispatched.

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