Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

Abbotsholme broadly follows the requirements of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 but broadens the academic provision by covering supplementary topics which stimulate interest and provide a wider and fuller understanding.

English, Mathematics and Science are taught as core requirements. All pupils in KS3 are taught Geography, History, Art, Music, Religious Knowledge, Personal and Social Education, Digital Learning, CDT, Cookery and Drama. French is taught from Year 7 and Spanish is introduced as a second language in Year 8.

For those pupils who have specific learning differences, tuition is provided in place of a language. In addition, there is a significant time commitment to PE and Games, the farm, the estate and to Outdoor Education.

In Years 7-9, one afternoon per fortnight is spent with the equestrian team or on the farm. From conservation to lambing, hoof-clipping to hay-baling, damson-picking to egg collection, our youngsters are developing their sense of responsibility for the land around them and the animals upon it. Alternate afternoons each fortnight are spent experiencing the great outdoors in our Outdoor Education programme. One week it could be raft-building and floating (or sinking) their makeshift vessels on the River Dove; another week it might be learning how to cook safely using a camping stove. Pupils particularly interested in O.Ed and look forward to an expedition abroad from Year 9.

From Year 9, pupils get involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme; the wide range of activities on offer at Abbotsholme ensures that all of our children are able to work through the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.Despite the busy school week, there’s still time to pursue hobbies and other activities with friends.

Clubs and societies include chess, drama, singers, art, climbing and model-making. There are organised assignments between 5.30pm and 7.00pm each evening, followed by supper for boarders and then activities or free time can be enjoyed.Whatever their age, as they progress through the years, our pupils find there’s always something new to look forward to at every stage.

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