Life, Religion and Citizenship (LRC) at Abbotsholme


At Abbotsholme each pupil, in Years 7-13, follows a programme in timetabled lessons and/or tutorials, which are supported by visits, interactive workshops, the school Health Centre, outside speakers and trips.

Curriculum topics include sessions on health and wellbeing, relationships, living in the wider world, discussion of ethical and religious issues, world faiths and politics. There is a degree of flexibility, which enables the school to respond to local, national and international events, and ensures that the needs of the pupils are met.

Year 7

Religion: What is The Bible? The Old Testament: Stories about creation in Genesis and other traditions; the nature of religious worship and the origins of Judaism; stories of prophets and kings; Passover, festivals and a visit to a synagogue.

Life: Diet and exercise; friendship and relationships; effects of smoking and drinking; puberty

Year 8

Religion: New Testament life and teaching of Jesus; faith and miracles; the beliefs of Christianity, festivals and the Church; a church visit and rites of birth, marriage and death.

Life: Self-esteem, body image, respecting parents and home, prejudice and racism, dangerous behaviours, how babies are made and rules of friendship and dating.

Year 9

Religion: The historical basis of Jesus’ life; understanding other religions and cultures: Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism; visiting a mosque, a temple and a gurdwara in Birmingham.

Life: Becoming an adult, eating disorders, staying safe, making healthy lifestyle choices.

Year 10

Religion and Life: Emotional, spiritual and physical well-being; bullying, mental health, addiction and dependency, sexual health and behaviour; different attitudes to God and morality in different world religions and cultures. How lifestyle choices affect one’s life.

Year 11

Religion and Life: Human rights and global citizenship issues; the ethics of abortion, capital punishment, genetic modification, euthanasia etc. Buddhism and inner happiness.


A United Kingdom

Year 8 pupils went to watch A United Kingdom last Thursday. It is a film set in the 1940s, about Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana who shocks the world when he marries a white woman from London. It is a romantic story, but there is much politi...


Liverpool Cathedrals

On Friday 9 December Year 7 pupils visited both Cathedrals in Liverpool; pupils learnt a little about the history of both buildings, the differences between Roman Catholic and Anglican denominations, and had the opportunity to view some of the mag...


Year 7 Gideon Bible Presentation

Year 7 pupils have had the opportunity to hear from the Gideon Bible group today. Pupils have been discussing in their Religious Studies lessons what matters in the world and their ideas about God. Having the forum to discuss divers...


Year 10 attend debate at Derby Cathedral

On Tuesday the 21 June, Year 10 set off for Derby Cathedral to hear a panel of important figures talk about radicalisation in Derby and in the UK. The debate lasted two hours with four speakers on the panel who each spoke about their own vi...


Years 8 & 9 visit the Houses of Parliament

On Tuesday 22 March pupils from Years 8 & 9 visited the Houses of Parliament. Their tour included some time in the public galleries watching the debates in both the Houses of Lords and Commons, as well as politician spotting in Central Lobby....

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