Life, Religion and Citizenship (LRC) at Abbotsholme

Year 10 attend debate at Derby Cathedral


On Tuesday the 21 June, Year 10 set off for Derby Cathedral to hear a panel of important figures talk about radicalisation in Derby and in the UK. The debate lasted two hours with four speakers on the panel who each spoke about their own views on the word radical.

After their speeches, the students were allowed to ask questions of the Archbishop and the panel guests. Most of the questions were about the word radicalisation and how it effects our society, but surprisingly, there were no questions on the EU.

After the debate had ended, Abi Rice, Becky Ashcroft, Henry Walker, Demi Brown, Frances King and George Coleman all approached the Archbishop of Canterbury to ask him a very challenging question which was asked by me

"How do you think we can change the way the British general public see the word radicalisation?"

He thought that this was an excellent and challenging question, and gave a very insightful answer.

It was a really interesting day, and I was so glad that we were able to attend and take part.

George Coleman

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