Most Able Pupils (MAPs)

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MAPs (Most Able Pupils)

By formally identifying MAPs and encouraging provision for their needs, Abbotsholme strives not just to meet the needs of this relatively small number of very able pupils but also aim for the wider school community to benefit. This may be through pupil mentoring (MAP lunch meetings), attending enrichment trips or activities, or through participation in engaging lessons in which thinking skills have been promoted.

Abbotsholme has been very careful in our criteria for the MAPs List, but of course, there will no doubt be pupils who you feel have missed out. The School feels that the criteria is fair, but pupils can be nominated at any point in the future. The key is to have a list that really does reflect the ‘most able’, as this gives it integrity and a standard the School can measure pupils  by.

Although it is the list that will no doubt attract the most attention, the wider benefits to all pupils is the most important aspect of MAPs; Abbotsholme hopes to stretch and challenge all pupils.

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