Music at Abbotsholme

Ferocious Diva Discovers the Power of Questions.


“What are the chords for that?” an Abbotsholme pupil innocently asked on the afternoon of 1 December 2015. Enya had just heard Ken Bonsall and Dan Booth of the band Ferocious Dog play their haunting acoustic version of Slow Motion Suicide. The song tells the story of a miner, made redundant in the 1980s, whose life has been destroyed by alcoholism. The emotive lyrics accompanied by Ken’s guitar give way to Dan’s symphonic violin solo.

As Enya describes it, ‘everyone else was asking history questions,’ but she was so moved, particularly by the violin that she wanted to know how to play it, but on piano. So she asked the question. Little did anyone in that room, let alone Enya herself, know how far that question would take her.

Fast forward to a Friday night in March. Enya, (with her mum and her tutor) found herself backstage with Ferocious Dog and an electronic piano in Barnsley just before they went on stage for a concert. After Ken and Dan had seen her play the song on YouTube, she had been invited to rehearse her version of the song with Ken, Dan and Ellis (on his Mandolin). This was also posted to YouTube and within minutes many Hellhounds (Ferocious Dog fans) were liking and sharing the video of this performance, many at the gig had the shock of realising Enya was actually stood next to them as they were watching it.

Fast forward again, this time to the 16 April but this time the venue is Abbotsholme School Chapel. Ken, Dan, Ellis, an additional violinist, a viola player, a cellist and of course our very own Ferocious Diva Enya are recording a version of the song for Ferocious Dog’s forthcoming acoustic version of their album From Without.

The moral of the story is, if you have a question, just ask it, it may take you on an amazing journey

To view this performance please follow this link to YouTube.

Over the next few weeks a proper music video will be released with the professionally recorded version of the song.

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