Boarders ~ 14-15 October

Packing, packing, packing this weekend with hikes looming and end of half term adventures ahead. We did however manage to fit in lots of sport with badminton, basketball, football, gym and table tennis on offer at several times over the weekend. W...


A Weekend of Mysteries

This weekend the theme was mysteries. At supper on Friday the boarders where given a set of mystery riddles to try and figure out with the promise of a prize for one lucky student who could solve all the riddles before brunch the next day. The boa...


Boarding Weekend 29 September ~ 1 October 2017

This weekend saw the first ‘Abbotsholme Film Festival’, with Friday evening kicking off with a selection of films chosen by staff to share with the boarders. In Cedarholme Mr Diamond chose Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Miss Morris scre...


Boarding News ~ 22-24 September

A busy week at school called for an evening letting off steam in Reddie Hall with the whole boarding community enjoying badminton, basketball, table tennis and fitness in the gym. Everyone felt rejuvenated and in a positive frame of mind for the w...



Fun and celebrations in Orchard Girls Boarding House for Mako's birthday.

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