The Twits

The Prep School production of 'The Twits' was a great success with confident and energetic performances from pupils right across the school. It was fabulous to see the progression in performing arts skills which reflect the hard work of pupils und...


Year 10 GCSE Drama

Year 10 GCSE Drama completed a very successful first practical exam on Friday 5 May. Georgia, Pippa, Julia and Maria created a piece of drama as part of their GCSE Drama Component 01/02 Devised Drama examination. As part of the process, they...


What's been happening in GCSE Drama tonight?

I bet you're itching to know what's happening in GCSE Drama rehearsals last night, well. Lots of very important examination preparation. Sam Higginbottom in Year 12 has come to help Katie and Leonie with their scene between the Tweedles and Ali...


Educating Rita

On Tuesday 28 February, pupils from Year 9 all the way up to Year 13 went to see Willy Russell's comedy drama, Educating Rita, at Derby Theatre. What was nice about this trip is that is wasn't just GCSE and A Level Drama pupils that attended but a...


Year 9 take part in a Physical Theatre Workshop

Last Thursday afternoon, Year 9 took part in a physical theatre workshop led by Kris Overend from Little Finn Productions. They first covered the basics, still image and body as prop and how they can effectively convey character and situation thro...

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