Educating Rita


On Tuesday 28 February, pupils from Year 9 all the way up to Year 13 went to see Willy Russell's comedy drama, Educating Rita, at Derby Theatre. What was nice about this trip is that is wasn't just GCSE and A Level Drama pupils that attended but also a couple of interested Year 9, 10 and Year 11 students. It was nice that they wanted to join us and share in our love of the theatre. For Year 10 GCSE Drama students, who are in the early stages of their Component 01/02 Devising Drama unit, it was an excellent opportunity to see naturalism brought to life and used to effectively tell the story of Susan 'Rita' White, a hairdresser from Liverpool who enrolls herself on an Open University course in order to "better herself". The set, as we have come to expect from Derby Theatre, was magnificent and was hugely successful in conveying the awesome and overwhelming sense of the office of an esteemed but tired academic. The lighting was used incredibly effectively to convey the different times of day, year and even moods. But it was the acting itself (with David Birrell as Frank, the tired, alcoholic lecturer and Jessica Baglow as keen and enthusiastic student, Rita) that engaged us the most with the two actors keeping us fully engaged with the story from start to finish. An excellent job, Derby Theatre, well done and thanks for another excellent production!


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ISI inspection report

ISI inspection report

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