Richard III and a bit of Tudor Irony

The first part of the trip was to visit Richard IIIs burial site and exhibition, based in the car park in which he was found. Yet finding a parking place for two minibuses proved somewhat difficult. So off to Bosworth Battlefield we went. Some qui...


Dinner for two... or four!

Year 11 pupils, George and Ollie, whilst experiencing the Sixth Form this week, got to 'taste' not only a Year 12 lesson but also a meal from an 1870 Parisian cafe. 99 Days into the Prussian siege of Paris, much of the city's population were starv...


Don't point that at me

Year 10 Historians used some of Mr Wilsons 'props' to demonstrate how tension built up in Europe before the First World War. The first picture shows the Bosnian Crisis, the second shows the Moroccan Crisis and the last picture shows the situation...


Abbotsholme Pupils Achieve Individual Academic Success at A Level

Pupils, teachers and staff at Abbotsholme are celebrating after the school achieved some excellent individual A Level results, with nearly 50% of pupils achieving A*-B grades at A Level, and nearly 90% achieving A*- E. “Congratulations to...


Sparta! A2 History Lessons Charge Ahead

Lower Sixth pupils began their A2 history lessons yesterday. Ben Baker, Charlotte Finney & Franny Brotherton-Cottrell felt the empowerment of wearing a Spartan Helmet and carrying a shield and sword. However, they did not feel empowered for lo...

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