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Miss stalled the bus...

Despite this, a fairly uneventful journey only punctuated by the occasional short and embarrassing halts (previously discussed) followed our departure. Upon arriving at the space centre we dropped our bags in a container and entered the main building. We then got the opportunity to look around the many interactive exhibits for a short while before watching 'Astronaut' in the dome cinema. This showed among other things what an astronaut would have to do in training. After the show had finished we ate our packed delicious lunches and saw the large rockets in the rocket tower. During this time Caolan pressed a button clearly labelled 'DO NOT PRESS'. The following series of events were horrifying. Firstly smoke began to pour from the rockets engines and lights began to flash. Babies began to cry and we all felt really guilty so we ran away. We then decided to take refuge at the top of the tower and the majority of us ran up the stairs. Rowan however insisted that he would suffer a cardiac arrest if he was to run up the stairs. When we deemed it safe enough to come down again we continued to look around the many exhibits and some of us (ie Rowan) became so engrossed that they ditched us. When we were finally found we exited the building and began to head back to school.



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ISI inspection report

ISI inspection report

Abbotsholme School provides a richly diverse and distinctive educational experience in which individual pupils are well-known, very well cared for and enabled to flourish both personally and academically.

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