Pre A level visit Trentham


The Pre A level students had a trip out to the monkey forest in Trentham today with Ms Stefanatos. They had lots of fun watching and learning about the monkeys and even saw them at feeding time. We then enjoyed lunch In a famous Hong Kong waffle restaurant, delicious! 

Here's what the students had to say: 

Today was a fantastic day we went to the monkey forest. It was very exciting. I saw a lot of lovely monkeys in the trees and on the lawn, they were friendly with people. I took lots of photos and we listened to information how to tell which are female and which are male. Louis

Today the weather was very nice. I went to the monkey forest and saw the monkey. I think they are lovely. I ate Hong Kong waffles it was delicious! I also bought things in the Chinese market. I really enjoyed this day. Patrick

Today was a funny day. We went to see monkeys and the monkeys were lovely and cute. Today was very interesting. Ewin

The weather was nice today and we went to the forest, there were many monkeys and they are very cute and very clever,  I didn't like them before and now I think they are not bad. I took pictures and today was very interesting. Alina

Today was a good day; my English teacher took us to see the monkeys. They were very interesting. We also did some Chinese shopping and ate some food together. It was a happy day. Hang


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ISI inspection report

ISI inspection report

Abbotsholme School provides a richly diverse and distinctive educational experience in which individual pupils are well-known, very well cared for and enabled to flourish both personally and academically.

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