Round Square Conference ~ Cape Town


On Saturday morning we arrived in sunny Cape Town and were immediately met by our very enthusiastic hosts from the three host schools, St. George's, St. Cyprian's and Bridge House Schools.

During our first day in conference we enjoyed two keynote speakers. The first was Lorne Sulcas, also known as the 'Big Cat Guy' who talked about his experiences in the African bush and the many things that we can learn from them, including resilience, teamwork and perseverance against the odds.

Our second speaker was William Fowlds, a wildlife conservationist who works with the black rhinos of South Africa, reintroducing them into areas where they have died out. Poaching is a massive issue in all areas of Africa and numbers are dwindling massively. He showed us distressing footage of rhinos with their horns hacked off whilst they were still alive and asked us to help in the fight to save the black rhino.

For more information on the fight to save the black rhino check the website:

During the afternoon pupils enjoyed a treasure hunt around the waterfront of Cape Town in which they had to complete fitness, dance and mental challenges. The evening concluded with a huge outdoor barbecue at St. Cyprian's school.

Tomorrow brings our transfer from Cape Town to Bridge House School and our Service Day in local primary schools.

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