Wild Night in the Woods


On Friday 30 September ten student and three staff spent a 'Wild Night In the Woods' 

Walking to the schools own Top Wood above Reddies Grave, we set up hammocks, built fires, laughed and joked.

Each student was issued with their hammock, mosquito net, and a tarpaulin, with effective team work and communication many hammocks were quickly installed. Each student needed to choose an ideal spot, one with no nettles and six sturdy trees, they perfected new knots, and then trailed their beds, will the ropes be tight enough? 

Happily no hammocks fell down.

As the darkness rapidly descended fires were built and dinner cooked, we managed a luxury five course banquet! An Amuse Bouche of cup a soup (veg or chicken) a super noodle starter (prawn or BBQ) a baked sweet potato vegetable dish followed by the main event, flame grilled finest beef burgers (V spicy bean burgers) in a bun or out of the bun. For dessert hot chocolate & marshmallows. 

With full tummies and sleepy heads people headed to their hammocks to listen to the sounds of the night. Owls, young foxes, the giggles as a student rolls over in their hammock and can't figure out how to roll back. 

Morning bird calls woke some of the group, the others awoke to the joyous call "bacons ready!"

We are lucky to have such a beautiful school site that allows us such a wonderful experience, hopefully we will get many more uses out of our hammocks.

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