Year 3, 4 & 5 Trip to Derby Sewage Works


Years 3-5 spent a morning with our educational guide Charlene Hardy from Severn Trent Water at their educational centre in Derby. The children entered the centre and were put into three groups; Derwent, Trent and Severn. They were then shown a power point presentation about how the sewage centre works and the safety points that needed to be adhered to on our visit.

We were then escorted to another room where we put on our Hi-Vis jackets, hard hats and gloves. We were then shown around the vast site, stopping from time to time as Charlene pointed out areas of interest, adding detail and answering questions. Our first main stop was where the sewage enters the works. Charlene then told us what happened in the next processes before we went to the settlement tanks. We were also shown a collection of toys that had all been found within the screening of the rubbish from the sewage which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Afterwards we were shown where the sewage was aerated with oxygen before entering yet another settlement tank. At no time were any chemicals used. Finally we saw the water re-enter the river Derwent as clean water. We then walked back, thoroughly washed our hands and asked final questions before heading back to school. The children have written recounts of their day and will be having a water talk from a representative from Severn Trent Water as an assembly in the coming weeks.

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