The School Day

 Chinese NY


                                                Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.00am Children Arrive
8.00-9.10am Free Flow Play
9.10-9.20am Registration and Circle Time
9.20-10.45am Activities, Craft, Literacy, Numeracy, Free Flow Play, and Snack time
10.45-11.45am Music Science French Music Craft and Modelling
11.45-11.55am Carpet Time and Story
12.00-12.40pm Lunchtime in the Dining Room
12.40-1.00pm Free Flow Play
1.00pm End of morning session / Start of afternoon session
1.00-1.30pm Afternoon Registration and Story
1.30-2.30pm Cooking Physical Activities OEd Music and Movement Farm and Equestrian
2.30-3.00pm Story and Songs
3.00-4.00pm Activities and Free Flow Play
4.00-4.30pm Tea
4.30-5.00pm Free Flow Play / Story
5.00pm End of the afternoon session / day session
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