Admission into Pre-Prep

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At Abbotsholme, we know that choosing a school for your child is an extremely difficult and incredibly important decision. Abbotsholme Pre-Prep is at the heart of Abbotsholme School, and Abbotsholme School is very well known for its warm, caring, family-like environment which you can see very strongly in our Pre-Prep School.

We understand how hard it is to let your child go on to the next development stage after having been such a full part of their life. We want you to know that we fully appreciate that this is a very emotional step, and that we will work hard to ensure that you feel happy leaving your child in our care.

The first step in the Admissions process is to contact the Admissions Team on 01889 594 265, or email and request the Pre-Prep literature which you can download here: Pre-Prep School Prospectus

The Admissions Team will contact you following sending the Pre-Prep literature out to answer any queries which are not included in these books. We will also ensure you speak with Ms Rosie Kneller, the Pre-Prep Manager, should you have any specific questions about the Pre-Prep. 

The next step would be to visit the school at a time and date to suit you or on an Open Day to see the School action, and find out what life at Abbotsholme Pre-Prep is really all about. 

If you are visiting the Pre-Prep School, a member of the Admissions team will take you to the Pre-Prep to meet with Ms Rosie Kneller and her team. If you are considering the Prep School as the next stage after the Pre-Prep for your child, we can organise for you to meet with the Prep School team and the Headteacher, Mrs Faith Potter, too, and have a tour.

If you are interested in taking up a place for your child in the Pre-Prep School, please contact the Admissions team to let us know and then we will ask you to fill in the Pre-Prep School Registration form. 

The School operates a rolling admissions system, and pupils can join the Pre-Prep at any time.

Abbotsholme Pre-Prep has its very own uniform too. Click here to download the Uniform Information.

For more information on the Prep and Senior Admissions, please click here.

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