Reddie for Life Programme

 Reddie for life

We want pupils to be ready for life when they leave school, as well as enjoy the variety of opportunities that make the Abbotsholme Sixth Form so distinctive.

We have developed a special programme for Sixth Formers, which they will work through over the two years, so that they are ‘Reddie for Life’ after Abbotsholme.

Taking on leadership: Abbotsholme provides a variety of opportunities for leadership in the Sixth Form, including mentoring of younger pupils, organising inter-house music competitions, event management, assisting staff on hikes and camps, being the driving force behind school projects for Round Square, running Sixth Form events, taking on positions of responsibility within boarding houses, prefectship, and much more. We expect pupils to take on and support such opportunities within the School with integrity and humility. Our pupils will take on positions of leadership in life, and this will give them a good foundation in the challenges that they will face.

Getting involved: Abbotsholme prides itself on the breadth of opportunities available to enable pupils to find their niche in life. There will be plenty of time for Sixth Formers to continue those sports, hobbies or interests which they already enjoy, but we want to encourage them to try things which are new to them, too. They could join a sports team, perform in a drama production or a concert, sign up for an unfamiliar Wednesday afternoon activity, or go on a trip to do something – orienteering, perhaps, or an inter-school debate - they have not experienced before. This prepares a pupil for trying new things in life and to feeling less daunted by new challenges.

Being a Global citizen: Round Square is central to Abbotsholme’s ethos with its IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. We want pupils to be global citizens, whether they take part in an exchange visit to another school, participate in some of Round Square’s activities, attend an international Round Square Conference, or run or support one of the school’s charitable fundraising events. We know how important it is for young people to be able to engage with the modern, global world through partnership.

Project management: Throughout life, pupils will need to be resilient, self-motivated and be self-starters. We want pupils to devise a project or event to engage or involve some part of the school, and to run it successfully, as project management is seen as an increasingly key skill in today’s world.

Showing courage: We encourage our pupils to step out of their comfort zone, and, particularly in the Sixth Form, we want pupils to show courage. This might be by choosing an adventure activity never considered before, or speaking in Chapel, or organising an event, or supporting a member of staff or another Sixth Former with a project, or even by showing honesty in a difficult situation.

Commitment: Abbotsholme expects pupils to show commitment to the school and its community, to the ethos of the school, and to academic study. We expect pupils to work hard and with excellent teaching and support from parents too, we will ensure that your child receives as good an education at Abbotsholme as at any other school.

Service to others: Sixth Formers will be asked to take on some project, event or trip that benefits others, since we place great emphasis on our pupils caring about the needs of others and giving practical help whenever possible. We expect pupils to show consideration, concern and respect for all people, both at Abbotsholme and in the wider community.

Work experience: Abbotsholme offers Sixth Formers the chance to research and organise work experience in their chosen fields of employment, as this is what University admissions officers and future employers will expect of applicants. Students can draw on a great deal of support and advice from school in the planning stages, but we expect the initiative to come from the pupils themselves.

Practical life skills: We provide a programme of wide-ranging life-skills, which includes careers support, financial planning and management, CV writing skills, digital learning and social media for business, training in interview technique, information about employment law and UCAS application support. We want these skills to be used within the two year period, and to be demonstrated within the final presentation.

Formal presentation: Sixth Formers will need to make a significant contribution to each of the nine areas above. This effort will culminate in audio-visual presentations of their achievements. These presentations will be given to the pupils in Year 10 and 11, and to Senior Management Team members, who will decide if they are, indeed, ready for life after Abbotsholme.

The ‘Reddie for Life’ award consists of a fountain pen with ‘Reddie for Life’ engraved on it. This is something which the recipient can use for the rest of his or her life, particularly at special moments such as when signing job applications, employment contracts, mortgage applications and pension plans, or when making notes in presentations. As they use this award, we hope pupils are reminded about their Sixth Form at Abbotsholme and how they were prepared to be ‘Reddie for Life.

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