Round Square at Abbotsholme

RS Dec 2014 (5)   

Abbotsholme is a member of the Round Square, and one of only 14 Schools in the UK.

Round Square is a world wide association of schools which share a commitment to personal development and responsibility through service, challenge, adventure and international understanding as part of a fundamental objective - the full and individual development of every pupil into a whole person. This commitment is very much reflected in life at Abbotsholme both within the curriculum and beyond the classroom.

Our membership offers numerous exchange opportunities enabling pupils to experience other languages and cultures for periods up to three months. We regularly welcome overseas pupils of various nationalities to Abbotsholme, recognising the importance of fostering global relationships and respecting the diversity of culture, religion and language throughout the world. Service Projects are also organised to countries all over the world. These have previously taken pupils as far afield as Africa, India and Thailand, in order to help the under-privileged residents of villages there by installing clean water systems and building school accommodation with facilities for the disabled.


Round Square Adventure Race Victory

Two Abbotsholme teams, each of six Year 9 pupils, took part in this year's Round Square Adventure Race. One of the teams won the event, bringing home the coveted trophy to Abbotsholme for the 4th time in the 12 year history if the event. This e...


Costa Rica

At 10.00pm on Saturday 8 April, seven Abbotsholme pupils met on the school car park to start what would be one of the best school trips they have ever been on; they were off to Costa Rica for ten days. Following a drive down to Heathrow, an a...



Four students from Abbotsholme’s Year 8 were paired with four students from Herlufsholm Skole, a beautiful, historic school in Denmark. Earlier this month, our Danish friends spent a long weekend here with us at Abbotsholme, experiencing our...


Abbotsholme welcomes visitors from Denmark

This weekend we welcomed a group of four Year 8 pupils from Herlufsholm School in Denmark for the first part of our exchange. The pupils stayed with their Abbotsholme partners in the school boarding houses and enjoyed excursions to Derby, Sudbury...


Round Square Conference ~ Romania

This weekend for the first time the annual RS Conference for the European and Mediterranean Region was held at Transylvania College in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The Headmaster and I were lucky enough to attend with two pupils, Amanda Clough and Caolan...

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