Round Square at Abbotsholme

Round Square Conference ~ Romania


This weekend for the first time the annual RS Conference for the European and Mediterranean Region was held at Transylvania College in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The Headmaster and I were lucky enough to attend with two pupils, Amanda Clough and Caolan Grant. On Saturday the pupils took part in a number of workshops under the theme Rethinking Leadership and learnt about the Seven Habits of highly successful people in the company of pupils from a variety of European schools. In the evening we travelled to Turda and visited an enormous salt mine, part of which has been transformed into an indoor play area, complete with boats on a lake deep underground and a Ferris wheel. In the evening we enjoyed a traditional dinner, during which Mr Fairclough was thanked for his support of Round Square over the last fourteen years.

On Sunday we travelled up into the mountains to Baisoara, to visit a school that Transylvania College supports. The pupils helped to paint a number of murals onto a classroom wall and learnt how to weave and wind wool, in the workshop adjacent to the school. We enjoyed dressing up in traditional costumes. Everything came to a halt when we realised that the coach had  got stuck on the concrete whilst turning round. It took the help of a local tractor and a lot of the local people to fix the problem! We were treated to a delicious meal, cooked by the villagers. It was a fantastic weekend, which gave us a real insight into a very different way of life in the Romanian mountains.

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