Round Square at Abbotsholme

Round Square Ready, Steady, Cook


Yesterday afternoon six pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 travelled to Samworth Church Academy in Mansfield, which is our closest Round Square School, to take part in a baking competition. We were welcomed by Mrs Angela Owen, the Round Square Rep, Mr Andrew Lees, the Head of Food Technology and six pupils, Zak, Arabella, Owen, Alysha, Billie and Jessica.

Miss Heather Fleming, our Head of Food Technology, had been working hard preparing the pupils for the big day. The Year 7 pupils Caitlyn and Kieran were to make cupcakes; they came up with chocolate and orange, with beautiful icing and Christmas holly decorations. Year 8 pupils Jake and Ben made Christmas biscuits, in the shape of Christmas trees and snowflakes, iced expertly. The girls in Year 9, Chloe and Nicole, made a yule log, once again decorated imaginatively to reflect the season.

After an hour and fifteen minutes pupils were expected to be ready and have their kitchen areas cleaned up. It was a tall order but they all managed it. The head teacher of Samworth Church Academy, Mr Barry Found and three teachers judged the produce. In Year 7, Kieran took the prize for his cupcakes, in Year 8 Alysha from Samworth took the prize for her gingerbread biscuits and in Year 9, Chloe took the prize with her Yule log.

All of the pupils had a brilliant afternoon and we hope that Samworth will come to Abbotsholme for a re-match. Hopefully we can continue our winning streak.

 Mrs Joy Holmes

Round Square Representative

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