Abbotsholme Expectations (AXs) at Abbotsholme

Digital Learning Sept 2015 (20)

The AX programme at Abbotsholme is a unique education in life skills that we believe are important for our pupils to have experienced at some point in their school career.

Within each year group, pupils do three AXs over the year, in rotation of 8-10 week blocks. The programme for each year group is as follows:




Round Square Ideals

ICT / Keyboard Skills

Environmental awareness


ICT / Keyboard Skills



ICT / Enterprise

Estate and Conservation

First Aid


Sex and Relationship Education



Triple Science Award



Triple Science Award

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Financial Management

Year 12 and 13

Programme of tutorial activities, talks, debates and short-module activities including: information on finance; visiting speakers, study skills, team building, UCAS support and careers advice.

On Wednesday afternoon we expect all our pupils to do some kind of activity. This of course includes the main sports of rugby, football, cricket, hockey, netball, rounders, swimming and tennis, but also other sports  such as fencing, dance, horse-riding, yoga, clay pigeon shooting, and fly-fishing, all led by professional instructors. We aim to cater for a broad range of talents and interests. On a Wednesday afternoon there are also some non-physical activities, for pupils who do not wish to spend the whole afternoon doing something physical. These include community service, music practise, bee-keeping, and electric car. Some activities run throughout the year, whilst others are seasonal, such as tennis and swimming.

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