Science at Abbotsholme

Climate Change Conference


Year 12 biologists Peter, Alice, Issy & Jade along with geographer Rose were invited to attend a Climate Change Conference at the Stafford council chambers.

They heard Dr Ruth Mottram a climate specialist working in the Danish Meteorological Institute In Copenhagen speak about her studies on the Greenland ice sheet.

Ruth grew up in Staffordshire and is passionate about raising the profile of climate change, globally we are tracking a 1.5 degree Celsius increase in average temperature, and we have a very narrow window ahead when changes made will have impact.

We then heard from Staffordshire county council and their bid to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 15%, by making all of their buildings more sustainable and changing staff culture by cycling, walking, or even car sharing to work

The event left our students thinking about what kind of world they want to be growing up in, and what actions they can take to contribute, they felt it is the responsibility of the young to be making as much noise as possible. I guess we need to watch this space.

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