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Drama Students visit the Nottingham Playhouse


On Tuesday 20 September, GCSE and A Level Drama took a trip to Nottingham Playhouse to see 'Sleuth' by Anthony Shaffer.

We walked down the steps into the theatre to see an elaborate set that represented the outside of an elegant manner house. Later in the play, we discovered that this wall was one of the flats that moved at the push of a button from one of the characters. This made us wonder what was inside. It turned out to be the inside of his house, of course. There were staircases that went to many different 'rooms'; pictures that appeared digitally on very tall flats; cupboards and bookcases; and all sorts of things hidden and squirrelled away to suggest the life of a man who had lived in his house for a particularly long time.

The plot is fairly simple, but kept us on the edge of our seat for the entire play with the first act rushing by incredibly quickly. It's the story of two men who like to play elaborate games in order to get one up on each other, one of them for stealing his wife and the other for revenge for a horrifying act. The story was fast paced and colourful with lots of aesthetically pleasing visuals at which to look, particularly when one of the characters dressed as a clown and is made to run about the manner house.

At the end, we were left wondering what had happened and were all talking about it on the way back to the bus. An excellent evening was had by all!

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