The Abbotsholme Academic Charter

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The Abbotsholme Academic Charter

A statement of principles for Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

Abbotsholme provides an environment in which each pupil’s academic progress and achievement is nurtured, fostered and celebrated, alongside wider areas of development and achievement.

Teachers are responsible for: providing stimulating and challenging lessons; enabling pupils to make good and demonstrable progress; and ensuring that pupils are clear on their direction, current position and next steps in their learning.

This is to be achieved by fulfilment of the following key principles:

  1. The classroom environment is positive, safe and welcoming, based on mutual respect, allowing each pupil to flourish.
  2. The learning aims are clear.
  3. The criteria for success are shared with and understood by the pupils.
  4. Tasks of appropriate challenge promote pupil activity and engagement in their learning, and are designed to develop understanding, promote thinking and develop independence.
  5. Key skills and moral values are developed, wherever possible.
  6. The needs of individuals are met through effective differentiation.
  7. All pupils are enabled and encouraged to participate in lessons.
  8. Learning is reviewed during and at the end of phases of learning, to ensure that progress and success are recognised.
  9. Assessment and feedback provide pupils with clear understanding of where they are and what they need to do to make further progress.
  10. Pupils are actively involved in assessing their own work and that of others.
  11. Marking provides feedback that identifies achievement and provides targets for the next steps.
  12. Attainment is regularly assessed and recorded against clear criteria, referenced against national standards.
  13. Progress, attainment and next steps for learning are effectively communicated to parents.

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