Teaching and learning is at the core of our daily lives and one of the main reasons parents choose Abbotsholme School. Pupils benefit from excellent educational facilities and highly qualified staff. The curriculum at Abbotsholme aims to develop critical and creative thinking, as well as self-discipline. We encourage our pupils to find their own strengths and preferred methods of learning within a structured and supportive framework. Pupils develop a love of learning which stays with them long after they leave school. We have high expectations of pupils not only in terms of their work ethic but also in terms of their intellectual ambition.

Pupils joining the School in the Year 7 receive a broad and balanced education in all the subjects. This breadth and balance is continued when pupils move into their GCSE courses. We do not follow the national curriculum rigidly, but supplement this with other subjects and skills that we believe are important for the all-round development of the individual.

Small classes of around 15 enable teachers to give the attention each student needs with regular assignments (homework) for pupils to do after school. In addition, the tutorial system at Abbotsholme ensures that each pupil’s progress is continuously monitored, in terms of effort and achievement, with regular communication between tutor, pupil and parent.

A flexible system of sets and options ensures that all pupils are taught in small classes and progress at a pace which is appropriate to them.

By the time they enter into the Sixth Form, students have developed a self-motivated academic discipline and a balanced approach to broader aspects of learning. As a result, the transition to Higher Education is for many a natural progression, with the foundation of independent study already in place.

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