Value Added

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Our vision defined by our ethos: that every pupil will make as good progress at Abbotsholme School as they would at any other School.

Abbotsholme is a non selective school. We seek to add value to all our pupils across the whole spectrum of academic ability whether Gifted and Talented or needing learning skills support. Value added is central to this.

We use MidYIS, Yellis and ALIS baseline tests and value added data to assess our students and to measure their academic progress against their raw ability. Our CEM Centre at Durham university provides us with national data and is an officially recognised Educational Research Unit.  

All pupils sit a raw ability test at the start of the academic years in Years 7, 10 and 12. Any pupils who arrive after the start of Year 7 will take an assessment in Year 9.  The feedback we receive enables us to set realistic, yet challenging targets for our pupils. We have a half termly assessment system in which staff review students’ progress in terms of meeting their target grades.  

The CEM Centre also provides value added data on a school-wide, department-wide and individual pupil level.  This allows the Director of Curriculum to compare our teaching and our pupils’ progress against the teaching and progress in other schools. 

Our aim is to “add value” to every pupil in the school. For example, in 2014, at GCSE, on average in every subject, we “added” half of a grade. In some of our departments, pupils achieved results which were at least two grades higher than those predicted by MidYIS (the Year 7 raw ability test). This has been replicated across many years due to the support and individual attention given to the pupils during their time at Abbotsholme.

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